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20 October 2017

James "Andy" Anderson and Kenai Aviation pages have been added.


19 October 2017

After a long absence we are back up and running.  We have made this a secure site  Recently retired, will spend more time on this site and my other two secure sites; Mark's Airline Ticket Jackets and Air War Vietnam.Com .  Drop us a line.  We are always looking for new information and material to add to the sites.  


21 April 2015

WWII aviation section has been added to the site.  The former 11th Air Force site from years ago will be a starting point for pages on this site.  Fighter and bomber squadrons will be added first.  If you have information on a family member served in Alaska during the the war and would like to share that information please contact the webmaster. 


18 January 2015

Have recently acquired information on Alaska Coastal Airlines, Alaska Air Transport and North Canada Air Express along with some of the pilots that flew for them.  They all were flying out of Juneau, Alaska in the mid 1930's.  A special thanks to Cindy Boeing for providing valuable information and for rekindling my interest in Alaska's early aviators.


14 January 2015

Have recently acquired information on pilot Jimmy Rinehart and added pilot Edward "Ed" Krawiec to the site.  He flew for Alaska Star Airlines and Alaska Airline.  Their information will be updated in the next few weeks.

If you have information on anyone that was part of the Alaska aviation industry please contact the webmaster.

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