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Airways, Inc.


A Subsidiary


Cordova Air Service


History of the Airline and Her People

Airways, Inc was headquartered in Cordova, Alaska.

M. D. Kirkpatrick Pilot, General Manager, President
Merle "Mudhole" Smith Pilot, General Manager, Vice President
Lawrence Barr Radio Operator



Advertising (Ads) Newspapers and Magazines
Annual Reports All Years
Baggage Tags Destinations, transfers, etc.
Boarding Passes First Class, Business Class, coach etc.
Books Books dedicated to the airline or if the airline is referenced in a book
Chronology List of major events by date
Dinnerware Plates, Cups, Silverware, Swizzle Sticks, etc
Fleet List Aircraft of the airline
Magazine Articles Magazine articles that feature or mention the airline
Magazines Inflight magazines, Employee Magazines, Newsletters etc.
Manuals Maintenance, Crew Training, Cabin Attendant Training etc
Patches All types, kids, hat, uniform etc.
Photographs People, planes, places, airports etc...
Postcards People, planes, places, airports etc...
Posters Posters that advertised the airline
Promo Buttons Any button related to the airline
Safety Cards Emergency cards for all makes and models of aircraft and their revisions
Service Pins Pins given for a number of years of service, usually in 5 year intervals
Stationary Any paperwork related to all phases of the airline
Stories Airlines related; flying the airplane, passenger incidents, people, etc
Ticket Jackets First Class, Business Class, Coach etc.
Timetables Airline Schedules, Crew Schedules, etc.
TV Commercials Ads highlighting the airline
Uniforms All Personnel (Aircrew, Cabin Crew, Maintenance) etc
Wings Aircrew, Ground Crew, Kids Wings etc

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