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Bristol Bay Airlines


History of the Airline and Her People


Bristol Bay Airlines started out as Dillingham Air Service of Dillingham, Alaska.

Dillingham Air Service was co-owned by Robert Dennis Fenno and Mathias P. "Red" Flensburg.  According to legal documents, on or about February 25, 1947 Flensburg conveyed his remaining half interest in the air carrier enterprise to Eric Fenno.  Robert's father was Eric D. and his brother was Eric L..  It is not know at this time if the partner was Robert's father or brother.

Some time later Robert Fenno requested the certificate of public convenience and necessity to be reissued to Robert Fenno d/b/a Bristol Bay Airlines. 

According to Eric Fenno's obituary he earned his pilots license as a young man in Alaska, and flew for Dillingham Air which was owned by his brother, Dennis Fenno.  Eric graduated from the Naval Academy in 1949 and retired at the rank of Captain.

In many references Robert Fenno is reffered to as Dennis.

Many references refer to Mathias Flensburg as Matt.

Aircraft:  Bellanca - N779W


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