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 Westair Transport

History of the Airline and Her People


Westair operated in Alaska from 1950-1960. 

They flew both C-46's and DC-4's. 

They were a nonsked airline with charter passenger flights from Seattle to Anchorage and Hawaii. 

They flew military and commercial freight all over Alaska and 
were contracted on the DEW line as well. 

In the late 1950's they hauled more freight than all other carriers combined.

A lawsuit that claimed they were damaging interest and viability of airlines serving the bush and carrying mail, forced them to limit their operation.  Operations moved to Europe.

They ceased operations in 1960. 

The airline was reformed in 1960 as Sky Van Airways and operated until 1965.

In 1995 a letter was received from the State of Alaska that deemed the Alaska Territory judgement of Westair Transport, as frivolous, and reinstated any effort of the partners to reestablish operations in Alaska, should they so wish. There was no interest.


Information provided by the son of the former Vice President of the airline.

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